Hey, beauties ...

We've moved to Victoria, BC. We will be back in YYC in December. Thanks for all the great years in YYC! Looking forward to the YYJ crew! 

xx Olive


Why Olive?

(if you want even more background, check out our blog.)

To inspire beauty within as much as the beauty industry promotes external beauty.  To find the beauty in each woman enjoying a highlight, re-shape of their beautiful curls or half splits in yoga.  To find the beauty in the woman who chooses to braid their hair and join the sweat life.  To find the beauty in all the athletes, endurance marathoners, fly fishers and real-life women.  Here's to the beauty in everything we do, not just in the hairstyles we wear.

Olive Beauty's approach brings the comfort of the salon straight to your door.  You won't need anything but your favourite comfy clothes and a glass of wine.  (Or hot chocolate, maybe a coffee?)  Beauty speaks in different ways to each and every one of us.  Making beauty and yoga accessible to everyone is Olive's goal.  Wellness stems from a feel-good place and starts to open new opportunities.  We want to help build those opportunities for each and every beauty we get out hands-on.  Feel good inside and out.





questions? concerns? want to chat? send us a note!

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