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if you are one of those people who prefer reading over drinking, planking, Pokemon Go, or watching TV then this blog is for you. although Game of Thrones. we are going to keep you in the loop with all the hair trends, styling tips, and some horrendous jokes. let's start by telling you how this all got going.

jai and rae (rhymes!) were biking and got talking about what we could do with some of our passions for hair (mostly rae) and marketing/business (mostly jai). we talked about how i (rae) love going to people's houses for cuts or colours. people are relaxed. pour yourself a drink! we both realized that this is exactly what i do for Avenue Beauty (for all of you wedding needs..), and it's been a great success. couldn't we make a business out of going to people for hair services instead of having them come to us?? so we took the leap.

that conversation snowballed into talking about ideas that we thought people would really have fun with. of course if you have a busy schedule, a family, crazy work life, really, anything going on that requires a bit of flexibility when it comes to getting your hair done, having a stylist come to your door would be great. but what about things like "girls night in" where you and your girlfriends can relax, drink a glass of wine and get your hair done? promise everything i hear is in the vault. pre-work early morning blowout? be there bright and early. can't get little timmy to sit still long enough at the salon? family night of haircuts. (and perhaps a color for mom..)

the idea of olive is to simply bring you the relaxed feel and professionalism a salon can offer you right into your home.

we bring the shampoo, color, shears and cape right to your door. (definitely more things than just that.. but, we think you get the picture.)

send us a "hey there" and we will answer any questions you have!

can't wait to make all of you looking your best!



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