fall has arrived. with it, we get pumpkin everything. pie, spiced lattes, candles... and then we carve 'em up until next year.

what does that mean for us? let's head towards the dark side! when we think about fall as hairstylists, we think about warmer tones, rich colors and vibrance. adding a shadow root, tinting a shade darker, adding a soft lowlight, adding gold, chocolate brown, warm honey, caramel, rose gold, copper, or any and all of those wonderful rich tones.

fall in Calgary is frustratingly short. instead of the 13 weeks the calendar promises us, we get about 8. tops. it's just a short transition period between summer and winter. in our opinion ... the perfect time to try out a different look. even if it means you are becoming a full-on brunette, or just toning a shade darker.

it is the perfect time to play around with something as simple as a toner or a demi-permanent color. since they will all fade out in about 8-12 weeks, you can test it out and wear your hair majorly different or just a bit deeper for the13 weeks of fall. as we run towards winter, you can decide if the warmer tones are for you. we find that adding richer tones to hair can add a lot nice color and warmth to brighten your face. (as our beautiful tans start to fade... WHY!)

we're not just talking to the blondes who want to go a bit darker! just because you're already a brunette, doesn't mean that you have to miss out on a fall hair change. you could possibly add some highlights (OMG, in the fall!?) to warm up your already dark hair. adding some caramel or warm honey colored highlights can warm you up, even though it's technically a highlight. (we don't want the blondes to have all the fun in the fall.)

we can't wait to make your hair warmer and richer for fall! DM or book appointments online now!

(if you need a little inspiration, send us a "hello", and we can talk about our options for color! we also have inspirational boards on our Pinterest page if you need some pictures to check out before you send us a note!)



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