long or short? a trim or a cut? bangs or no bangs? always the questions rolling around in our minds when we are thinking about our next haircut. (or trim.)

how to decide if you cut that bob or keep your rapunzel hair? during a consult, we will always ask if you wear your hair up or pinned back a lot, sometimes when you're doing that, it is a good sign that we should cut some off. if you aren't using your hair to flatter your look - let's make it work with your lifestyle.

when coming to a big decision, (BIG deal! it's your hair!!) sometimes the best way to figure out what the best decision for yourself is to make a pros and cons list; we are whipping one up so you can go through the thought process before we come over for your cut. (then we will discuss in full yet again...)

pros of long hair:

1. lots of fun styles to wear.

2. can look like katness and or the Mother of Dragons, Princess leah??with all that hair, you can be anybody!

3. you don't have to style it everyday. (one good style should hold you for a couple of days.)

cons of long hair:

1. have to style your hair. (or it's always in that messy bun that isn't so trendy anymore.)

2. it gets caught in your armpit when you're trying to eat, workout, live...

3. long hair is always around... in your face, in the shower, on the floor.

4. takes longer to style. (there's more of it.)

​pros of short hair:

1. easy to do.

2. low maintenance.

3. quicker to style.

4. less to work with. (takes less time.)

cons of short hair:

1. harder to style “up”.

2. can't always get the curl you are looking for.

3. doesn't look as good under a hat. (we're assuming you wear as many hats as we do...)

we hope that in going through a pros and cons list it can help you have a little decision in your mind. if you're ever really undecided, (and wanting a change...) we always suggest cutting off a couple inches, and see how you feel with that. rather than goig extremely short because you went through a messy breakup and need a change. (you may want to keep those locks a tiny bit..)

until next time,



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