pins, pins, pins! Christmas season is here, you have a list of parties to attend, AND you need to look sharp…or glam…casual. whatever look you’re going for we figured we’d pass along a few tips for "easy" looks for your hair this holiday season. if you are going out to a giant party or a nice cozy Christmas meal, we want you to look your best!

we obviously want to help or do your hair for Christmas parties if you want us to...duh! (send us a DM, check the site, message or call us!)

ugly Christmas sweater party?? probably need a more casual look. a simple half-back with some curls would work for this. easy to do, easy to wear all night, and easy to be out of the way for you to get into that ugly sweater competition. here’s what we’d do for a look like this is:

1. have a nice blow-dry. get some volume and work on that curl before you even put an iron in it.

2. add some mousse or spray at your roots. we love Voir's ‘secrets in the snow’ styling foam for this, (try it for yourself with our 10% off code, OLIVE10 on their website, then add some sort of flexible hairspray to your hair before you curl it. we love Bumble's ‘does it all’ spray.

3. curl! we recommend a 1" inch iron for anyone with hair shorter than your waist.

4. after you curl with your iron, then all we do to create this 1/2 pinned look is to twist a few curls from the front of your hair and pin in the back. we pin the ends into the other strands, or tuck them in!

if you are headed to a party that’s a bit dressier, then maybe you want something really simple and elegant that can work with any dress. sounds like an updo. here’s a series of pics that show you how to do this pinning:

1. shampoo/curl set.

2. start twisting hair back from the front of your face. fasten with elastic. grab hair further down and twist back, add the previous hair (elastic and all) into the next elastic. continue down the head until satisfied with amount of twists. (you'll probably get more if you have more hair...)

3. back-comb hair a tiny bit, flip under and fasten with pins.

4. pull hair and mess it up as you please! and there you have a lovely and ever so simple updo! if you have any further questions or have inquiries about updo appointments, don't hesitate to get in contact! merry Christmas xo olive

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