well, christmas is long gone and we are now officially depressed. is it us, or does spring feel like a lifetime away???? come ooooonnnn. but we don't have to look like we feel, right? so let's come up with some options for our hair when it seems like we're always wearing a hat to keep warm.

if you're like us, for some reason, we always fall back into the "hunger games" braid style when we are wearing hats. (right?!) don't get us wrong, we love the braid look with the hat. but if you feel like you've gone to the well one too many times with it, here are some other options you can add to your 'hat hair' repertoire. at least until spring hits and you can take the hat off. how much loooongerrrr...

1. the slick pony. nice and low to your nape. first thing you need to do is make sure that your hair is neatly blowdried, (or flatironed) so it will lay really nicely. start by gathering a section of your hair closest to your nape, then start brushing your hair into the handful of hair you already gathered. one you have everything back and in place, you can put a pony or a sweet clip into your hair to set it into place. if there are grains going the wrong way, brush the hair towards the pony and re-clip once you are satisfied with where your hair is siting. add toque.

2. the short pigs. another look we are loving is a set of pig-tails that are only half (or a couple of inches, depending on your hair length) fishtail braided, then just curled or natural texture on the ends. all you have to do is divide your hair into pig-tails, clip them with an elastic, braid the first inch or so, then set with another elastic. if you aren't too sad to part the rubber elastics, you can now cut the original elastic near the top of your pig-tail, so it looks a little more "done". if you are feeling skilled, you can pick up a tiny piece of hair from the bottom of the second elastic, wrap it around the elastic & spray into place so that there aren't any bands showing in your style at all. and again, all that needs to happen is for you to add a hat and you are good to go!

3. corn rows. want to corn-row your hair into multiple braids? even if you're just doing 4-5 french braids throughout your hair, you will look OG. hop-hop. you know what i mean. then you can pop in those hoop earrings you've been wanting to wear and you're set! in order to do this as easy as possible, the key is to have a perfect amount of elastics for the job. (meaning you have 4 elastics for 4 braids...but you already got that.) comb your hair down the centre of your head and divide as you see fit, clipping or putting a gentle elastic band around the sections. repeat on the other side of your head. then start braiding! remember, the key to making this process easy is to use those clips or elastics & keep the sections organized. all that's left for you to do is add the hat or toque and you're good to go!

if you'd like more inspiration from us just email, DM, instagram message us, any way you want to contact us and we will answer all of your questions!

have fun with your winter hair, beauties! (hopefully we're hitting the mountains soon!)



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