is it spring?!?! let’s move on from that winter and never discuss it again. if you’re curious about what’s happening in hair for spring, here’s our opinion on what we are seeing on the streets, in the magazines, and on everyone’s head! And if you don’t care about trends and prefer to do your own thing… like that super ombre-dipped hair that Victoria Beckham rocked for a hot minute, or the crazy color world that Hayley Williams owned in 2009, we say do it! Confidence in your own look is the first priority.

color trends for spring 2018. most of the time we want a little “pop” of brightness for spring and summer and we usually go a little deeper in the fall. these don’t have to be

‘rules’ (like no oranges after brushing your teeth or not taking political advice from celebrities) but they’re nice guidelines if you’re not feeling like going against the grain. back to the trends, we have finally moved away from that crazy color world we have been living in for the past few years and going towards a more subtle, natural look with colors. as a quick side/styling note, we are LOVING that worn in “i-woke-up-like-this” messy hair that is still on fire in our opinion...especially with this natural color hair trend!

for the blondes, we are seeing a lot of warmer colors (unless you’re ready for the commitment of taking care of that ASH!). spring is a fresh start for all of us, and maybe a fresh start for a sweet softer look for your hair. the rose gold that is going around is a hit, same with a “cream-soda” look, or even that buttery blonde you have always wanted to try but have been too chicken. now is the time to try out that “shade”! take it from me - i’m a blonde and my hair is 100% happier when i’m not trying to rock that harsh ash color, it lays a lot softer and is way safer for your hair when you’re just keeping up that softer tone.

our brunette friends are also going with a softer look for spring. instead of those harsh transitions between black roots and WHITE ends (in order to get them blue) we are seeing a transition to a dark, navy blue (for example) where you look at the color and know something is a little different with that brunette, but can’t exactly put your finger on it brunette. going a little softer is going to be a great break for everyone’s ends. (yay)

if you’re a redhead, we are loving the easy foil-less look that fits in so well with the softer spring trend. the rose gold that was mentioned for the blondies in our lives can definitely apply for you, too. adding a sweet-soft money piece in the front of your hair that matches your red so PERFECTLY but at the same time gives you that edge…we love that!

as always, let us know if you have any questions about color, styling, cutting - really, anything hair!

also, if you are having trouble booking in with us, send us a note and we will do our best to get you and your lovely hair fit in!!

can’t wait to see all of you beauties in the next few spring-like weeks!



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