it’s FINALLY summer! kind of. We just need this rain to give it a rest and the sun to start flexing a little. either way, we are beyond happy the snow has melted and we are moving into that easy summertime hair. let’s talk trends for a moment and get you all set for your perfect summer hair.

if we are thinking about styling hair for summer, ‘easy’ and ‘natural’ is the best way to go. when it’s so hot out that your top priority is finding watermelon - we don’t want a fan blowing hot air on our heads trying to get our hair dry. good news is that the natural look also seems to be a major trend for our 2018 summer. but, easy and natural means different things for different hair types.

most of us have hair texture all our own to work with when we don’t dry with a brush. you’ll be happy to know that it’s ok to leave the curls, waves, half straight in the front, half waved, that side that bends a bit more than the other… you get the picture. Let’s not wrestle with it. leave it! give that big middle finger emoji to whoever gave us this ‘natural’ texture and then left us to deal with it. summer styles mean nothing ‘over styled’ or super polished. perfect for beachy days! Here’s our favourite way to wear those natural locks:

the products we like to use: a root of secrets in the snow (voirhaircare), with a handful of grooming creme (bumble&bumble), mixed with texture (bumble&bumble), plus a little walk in the sun (voirhaircare) oil for the ends.

  • first step; add the foam to our roots, which allows us to have a little bit of grit and volume, even when we air-dry.

  • second step; one part texture and one part grooming crème. mix it together in your palm and rub into your hands like you would be applying lotion, then evenly apply to locks. if you are one of the major curly-haired ladies out there (or dudes) start by applying to “ringlets” by spinning your hands through and making almost ‘dreads’ out of the product ringlets. if your hair wears a bit calmer (waves and such) adding the texture/grooming will help encourage a little more texture, obviously. feel free to experiment a little here by applying the product either way, regardless of your hair type, and see what works best for you.

  • last, add that splash of voir oil at the end. it will just smooth everything and protect your hair. I know we’re going natural but we don’t need that science fair static electricity experiment on our head.

looking for a couple new styles this summer:

the low and messy bun. (which is great for us who have sweaty necks.) nothing major, just a nice twist up (or braid) to your nape and secure with a couple of pins. since texture is allowed these days, you don’t need to make sure your ‘updo’ is perfect or polished, use that texture and work with it while you pin it up into that beautiful ‘i-woke-up-like-this’ hair. we’re looking for simple and easy looks this summer!

get playful. we think everything is really boiling down for a summer look to use whatever texture actually grows on your head and being playful with it. adding a braid under your nape that drags down into your ponytail or forces the ‘side-swept’ hair, braiding in the front hairline and wrapping it like the dutch do. f it, add a couple flowers for folk fest. bottom line is play with your hair - get creative, pin, braid and clip it up. add the right products and you won’t regret skipping the blowout for a moment. if you need inspiration or advice, you know how to contact us.

xo olive

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