cold weather, falling yellow leaves and / or your kids finally vacating the house and getting back to school. guilt free Netflix and couch time. yup, we’ve circled around to our favourite season at olive … FALL! we all have a little ‘basic’ in us, and olive’s happens to come in the form of pumpkin spice, corduroy pants and fisherman’s sweaters.

this fall has us feeling proud and grateful because it’s olive’s first birthday! introducing a new co

ncept to Calgary by bringing the salon to you has been an adventure, so thank you to everybody that has supported us this past year. we’ve made so many new connections and friendships already, and we’re still growing!

because the concept is still new, let’s explain to some curious cats what we mean by ‘mobile’, and what the experience might be like for you.

mobile hair means we bring everything we need to do your hair right to your house. at olive this means; a rolling kit with an entire salon inside! capes, color, scissors, combs, shampoo, towels, gloves – everything! we arrive, set-up a little “station” (usually in a bathroom or kitchen, but anywhere you want us works), then we get started. we will always start with a consult, even if we had just spoken on the phone/text/email, then we get to work with your colour, cut, or style. once we are finished processing the hair color, we give you a towel for your eyes and tip you over a sink for a rinse. rinsing is nothing glam, but we get that colour washed out. after we are finished with the color we either jump right into the cut or get to the styling.

if there’s more than one of you, we start the next client while you are processing. kids, husbands, other friends – we LOVE groups. you get a discount, and we don’t have to travel, so bring everyone you know for a “girl’s night in” or a family hair-affair! After we finish with the hair-do(s), we tidy up and leave you with your beautiful new locks to enjoy! other group ideas that you might be able to take advantage of could be an office setting, hospitals, hotels (sometimes you need a style when you’re travelling!!), or your homes. anywhere you are and need hair services, we will come; we are on demand after-all! we accept cash, credit or e-transfer – whatever your preference is; we are good!

let’s move on to some hair talk.

we could give you the typical fall “hair-to-do’s” of the season and move on, but thinking outside the box could be fun this year, no? we don’t ALWAYS have to follow seasonal hair trends, so if you feel like doing something different, do it! it’s YOUR head. feel like adding that deep mahogany you’ve been delaying until it gets colder? cool. feel like highlighting with an icy toner? rae JUST did that same thing! the talk of the last couple of years has been to break the mould. no rules.

give us a call, message, email (there are so many ways to contact us….) about what you are thinking of doing with your hair. we love talking about it and hearing what you think and the look you have in mind.

excited to see all of you back from vacation with your summer glow; we are ready to get the entire family ready for those fall family photos!



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