Olive's Best #3

Welcome to beach season! We hope all of you are getting your tan on and loving the 'summer' weather we have been enjoying.. We can't wait to fix you up before (or after) all of the wonderful time outside of the city .. or a staycation, whatever you prefer.

Either way, we love eating crisp, easy salads in the middle of summer. Making dinner really simple and quick! Here's one of our faves! Greek salad! Ingredients: 2 cucumbers 4-5 bell peppers (your color selection!) 1/2 cup red onion (diced) 1 cup kalamata olives 1/2 cup feta cheese 1/2 cup fresh basil (diced) 1 cup cherry tomatoes* Dressing: 1/2 cup olive oil salt & pepper 2 cloves garlic Mix & stir over salad, chill & enjoy! *I always add the cherry tomatoes afterwards, because they get a little soggy sitting in the salad dressing overnight!

We love trying new curls! Instead of the 'same-old' curl we've been doing forever, we thought we would show you a nice little 'mixup' for something different. This adds quite a nice new texture to hair without a huge time commitment.

Step 1: Brush & add some dry shampoo. Step 2: Start curling the front of your hair, placing the iron fairly high, as you twist, drop the hair off the iron and add a “twist” of hair from the strand as you do ... “dropping” the curl. Step 3: Section out an imperfect section at your nape. Curl, “dropping” as you go. Step 4: Spray curls & secure with elastic. (So you don’t grab the already curled hair as we move on!) Step 5: Section a new bit of hair to curl. Step 6: Repeat throughout head! Step 7: Spray with a texturizing spray and party!

If you’re looking for a little extracurricular activity to do this summer, we suggest coming out to one of Lululemon’s social events! The next yoga social is on July 18th, 6pm-8pm @ CSpace in Marda Loop! The event is free, but please register with the link below! Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces at a lovely practice together!

If you’re looking to deepen, expand or even start a meditation practice, then look no further! Our gal, Niki Walters is the best around. She’s obsessed with yoga and yoga philosophy. She’s completed her meditation trainer hours and loves it more than anything. She’s got a ton of answers and ways to learn how to meditate. Check her website out for more details!

Thanks for tuning into our July newsletter! We can’t wait to see your beautiful spaces either at the yoga social or at your houses! 😂 It’s been a slice! Catch ya beauties later.



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