Olive's Best #5

Well, summer sure sped by at a pace faster than light. We are a little sad going into fall, but in all reality, we prefer the cooler mornings and evenings.. Paired with the best chai coming to you in the newsletter! (; We thought that since fall brings school, we would give you a little something to listen to on your commute into your day full of learning. (OR at least dropping the 'learners' off at their said schools!)

If you haven't ever stopped in at Silk Road Spice Market, you have missed out! Thankfully, they are open often and would love you to shop there. They have an incredible Chai Masala recipe. You can purchase everything except the milk. water & sugar you'll need for this simple and delicious tea!

We also wanted an easy look for a quick school morning without a lot of effort. Coming up with this was as easy as doing it.

A real easy 1/2 up look for your busy day. Step 1: Brush through crazy hair & dry shampoo (if needed..mostly always needed...) Step 2: Section out horseshoe section and clip away. Step 3: Curl any crazy pieces in whatever curl pattern suits you for the day. We used a 'beachy' wand curl to go along with Rae's natural curl! Step 4: Release the pinned up section and add a tiny backcombing. Step 5: Spin into a bun shape & secure in place with pins. Step 6. Brush out rest of hair & add a little LivingProof flex spray to get you through the crazy day. Step 7: Crazy-day power through!

When time is running short, but you prefer to eat something healthy and simple in your hurried school days, we figured it would be great to share our little travel snack faves.

#1: Apples cut up and tossed in cinnamon. (especially for those little guys who think brown apples are no good..) Step 1: Cut apple Step 2: Put in plastic bag and shake cinnamon all over it. Step 3: Dip in peanut butter .. if available. #2: Build your own trail mix. Step 1: Add a handful of your favourite (mixed or not) nuts. Step 2: Add pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds. Step 3: Add a little handful of dark chocolate chips. Step 4: Add a handful of raisins! (No added sugar with raisins!) Step 5: Mix up and enjoy!

Hopefully, we will all get into our little fall routines and feel great. If you have any questions/concerns about any of the above or hair related topics (or simply booking appointments!) be sure to send us a note of your choice! Contact info is below! Can't wait to get all you beauties prepped for fall! xo, Olive

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