Olive's Best #8

It's hard to believe we are now in the middle of the coldest few months known to man. We hope to god it's a warmer winter this year! Either way, we are still driving around, ensuring you don't need to leave your house on a cold and blustering day!

With the next event in the calendar being Valentines day, we wanted to create a fun event for you beauties. We are offering a hair & makeup combo for $180. You'll be feeling fresh whether it's for your first date, a girl's night out or your 1000th date with your lover. We have a few spots left in the afternoon. Message us to book your spot.

On these freezing days, we like to have a warm and comforting breakfast to look forward to. Our favourite thing to make is banana pancakes! We have an easy recipe to follow, and a simple 'compote' to top the stack off just right.

Banana Pancakes:

2 bananas (frozen works best!) 3 eggs 1/4 cup oats

Blend together & pop into freezer until you're ready to cook them! Once ready to cook, we turn our grill to 350°, scoop with an ice-cream scoop. Once bubbling on top, flip & cook until golden brown. Berry Compote:

2 cups frozen berries Dash of cinnamon 1 tsp vanilla

Add to a saucepan on a low heat, stirring once in a while, let the berries boil down until thick like jam. Usually takes about 30 minutes. Once everything is ready, scoop on top of the pancakes & enjoy your warm breakfast!

An easy 'do' for those chilly winter days. (In reality, I think most of us are always looking for an easy 'do'!!) Here's a simple up-do anyone can whip up in 30 seconds. These are the steps we took:

Step 1: Brush hair, add any necessary dry shampoo & work through. Step 2: Gather all your hair near the nape of your neck, crossing over some top pieces to create texture. Step 3: Secure hair in a low ponytail, on the last loop - ensure you don't thread all of your hair through the elastic. Step 4: Divide pony 'ends' into two sections, bringing it up above the ponytail, tie in a knot. (IF your hair is long enough, tie again under the ponytail.) Step 5: Secure loose hair with a pin under the pony. Step 6: Adjust any fringe or loose hair. Pulling hair a little bit around your head, bringing out more texture. Step 7: Enjoy your perfect winter day without care!

Need some comforting music to get you through the winter blues? Here's a beautiful playlist with our favourite composers - bringing a moment of serenity every time we give them a listen.

If it's freezing & you don't want to leave the house, but are looking for a little fire to warm you up ... book Rae for a private class right in your house, or your friends ... or where ever you want to practice.

Thanks for joining us for our 8th newsletter! We can't wait to get our hands in your hair! Send us an email, DM, message or give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about your hair or any of the topics in the newsletter above!

Stay frosty, beauties.



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