Olive's Best Newsletter #1

We've started this newsletter to bring you beauties a little bit of 'wellness' for the month. There will be a new treat every month to help you survive the month ahead. We can do it together! Thanks for joining and chat soon!

If you're in a hurry, but want to look like a Jedi Princess; this quick 'to-do' is for you. Rae shows us the quickest way to get your hair into an out of this world do.

"When you’ve got a hot Star Wars date on May the 4th..

Step 1: Divide hair in half, clipping up one side. Step 2: Brush hair into slick pigtail & secure. Step 3: Brush second side of hair into a slick pigtail, matching the opposite side, secure. Step 4: Backcomb pigtails to add volume. Step 5: Twist each side up into respective “buns”. Step 6: Make sure the second side matches. Step 7: Hot date"

Best Spring Salad Dressing:

We were looking for a little something 'spring' fresh for our salads as it's 'getting nicer' outside... (Thanks Calgary snow-spring) ANYWAYS, we found one that we love for every salad you can think of, the link is with the photo, but here's the breakdown:

2 cups Olive Oil

1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Garlic Cloves

1 cup Frozen Berries

1/4 cup Honey

Blend together & pour over salad.

We're always looking for a good book for the month (or two) so, here's Olive's May recommended book:

"Happiness Hypothesis" By Jonathan Haidt.

Joe Rogan had a podcast with Jonathan back in January (2019) which he recommended this book as a great read. We took it up and Joe was not wrong. If social phycology is at all an interest of yours; read this!

As I am sure most of you know how obsessed with are with yoga over here, we thought we would share our favourite home practice this month. Whenever we can't make it down to Santosha (Best studio in Calgary...in our opinion.), we often do yoga with this website: doyogawithme.com. It is a Canadian based site and has the most incredible teachers showing us their moves. This is our recommended class of the month!

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