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We are a professional and fully mobile hair service that will come right to your door and give you that salon-quality hair in the comfort of your home.

We’re just a couple who love the UFC, drinking coffee and squishing dogs... Oh yes, also making sure you look f**king beautiful.

Olive was dreamt up in fall 2016, and born in summer 2017 when Jai and Rae were doing what they always do best, they went biking and got to chatting. The conversation changed gears to how Rae enjoyed going to people’s homes and hotels as a member of a wedding team and also doing similar work for family and friends. Jai encouraged Rae to follow that idea and make it into a real business. With Jai’s background in marketing and business, and Rae having spent a decade in the hair world, they set out to hatch Olive. They wanted to be able to offer everything from a simple men’s cut, to the busy professional who needs flexible timing, a girl’s night in, or families who need to get their hair done.

With the big dreams of Olive and it’s growth, Rae asked her good friend Robyn to start a podcast with her. ‘Olive Wellness’ was born in the fall of 2018. There are episodes every other week to share that beauty isn’t always what is on your face or hair, but within as well. At Olive, beauty doesn’t just mean that you’re done up, we care about what you’re putting into your body and how you treat your temple.

With Robyn now a part of the team, Olive is ready to tackle any big events you may want to throw at us. Anything from a huge wedding party (Luckily, the two R's are perfectly timed...) to a girl's night out where you all want to feel a little more glam.

Olive approaches beauty in a different way - we want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin. We love that natural look, but from time to time, we love dressing to the 9’s. Health and wellness are right up there with beauty when it comes to Olive. No judgment, we love all walks of life. Whether that means you love to dress up every day and put a full-face on every morning, or if you love rolling out of bed and throwing your beautiful mane into a ponytail as you head off to sweat in the morning. To us, the most important thing is that you feel beautiful from the inside out. And of course, we will get your hair done perfect and if you’re craving it, we will get your makeup on with that perfect airbrush glow.

With Rae's passion for yoga, she's quickly learned as much as she can and has a very deep love for the practice. You can now book for a private yoga flow as well as anything 'beauty' you need. Beauty comes from the inside out, as cheesy as that is, we believe feeling good in your skin comes in all sorts of forms ... flowing, makeup, hair or simply having the hot sun with a cool breeze on your skin will make you feel the best you can be.

Chat soon Beauties,


PS. If you want to chat before the service; all consults are complimentary. Send us a note with the form below or directly email at bookings@olivebeautyyyc.com

Check out our stylist page & book your appointment!


We're 100% mobile. #wecometoyou

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