Olive's Best #10

Hey, BEAUTIES. Life shifted so quickly before I got around to sending out a March newsletter ... The draft is still pretty solid (at least in my mind.) so, here's what we had going on before all this COVID craziness went down. Here we go: Beauties! We've finally made it into Spring! Thank the lord! We can throw our parkas into the deepest, darkest spot in our closets and start pulling out our lighter and fun spring/summer items... Right?? KIDDING. Spring in Calgary is like a long-lost cat who doesn't really want to come home yet. We shall patiently wait until the green grass wants to pop out of our lawns. Until then, enjoy this little email and do a spring dance for Mother Nature to bring it on quicker.

With spring coming around (eventually) we often need a couple of new items to complete our wardrobe. Thankfully, Kaitlin Warholik has opened a great consignment store where you can find gently used items for great prices. She was on the podcast, you can listen here. Kaitlin knows a lot about fashion and loves everything about it. Check out her store on Instagram. The link is in the picture above! Happy Spring Shopping!!

Fresh spring-time food is the best thing ever. This is a classic salad I eat every single day for lunch. It's my favorite and the most simple thing to have in the entire world. Throw it together, toss it in your bag & enjoy whenever lunch calls your name. If I'm at home for lunch, I LOVE frying an egg on top - that can always be skipped, but I think it makes the salad a straight 10/10. Rae's Salad Lunch: A handful of Mixed Greens Pumpkin seeds Sunflower seeds Goat cheese Hemp hearts A fried egg (If @ home!) Craisins Olive oil


Rae has been putting on "Hair of the Day" videos on Instagram TV. There are tons of everyday hair styling. Check them out here. If you have any suggestions for styles you'd like to see, please leave a note & we will get them done for you! Happy styling!

The books have opened for mid-May - so go ahead and book in! (You can book online, send me an email, call, message, pigeon currier .. whatever works!) Fingers crossed we will be back at it by then - worst case scenario ... next year!? All the uncertainties!! Well, that's it for us over here at Olive for now. Keep safe & healthy! xo, Olive

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