Olive's Best #11

Yo beauties! It feels like summertime! Finally, the sun is out and the grass is green, the flowers are blooming and it's about time we got back to getting everyone's hair in order. If you haven't booked online, send a note of any kind and we can get you set up for the long-overdue COVID haircut. There are some big changes coming down the line, so keep reading!

Might as well throw this newsletter straight to the good shit ... Over COVID, the baking has exploded at home. This is a yummy cinnamon bun recipe that has worked out well and been made twice now. Drooling is 100% acceptable. The recipe is from a website I got off of Pinterest. Here is the link for the OG recipe. Here's my take on it:

Buns: 2 cups milk 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup sugar 1 packet (8g) dry active yeast 4 1/2 cups flour 1/2 tsp (heaping) baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla Filling: 2/3 cup brown sugar (or more..) 3 tbsp cinnamon (or more..) 1/2 cup butter Raisins (optional) Icing: 1 package of cream cheese Icing sugar Lemon Warm oven up @ 180° for rising dough. Once ready to bake; heat to 375°. Add milk, butter & sugar to med sized pot on medium heat on the stove. Once sugar is dissolved, remove from heat and cool slightly - then add yeast. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. (Until you see some yeast action.) Mix the rest of dry ingredients together in a bowl, slowly add to the pot on the stove. Once stirred in, place in warmed oven for 50 minutes - 1 hour. Once risen, take out, flour the countertop, and roll dough out. Butter the dough, leaving about 1" of space without butter at the end of your dough. (To roll up to, so the dough will stick together!) Sprinkle sugar & cinnamon to the buttered surface. Roll dough, slice into buns, and place in greased baking pan. Cover with siran wrap and put the pan back into the warmed oven for 30-40 minutes. Once the buns have risen, heat oven up and bake 15-20 minutes. Mix the icing sugar with cream cheese, until desired texture has come, add a little lemon juice, frost & enjoy!

After taking yoga teacher training, there were 'new' options for medical relief. One of the things that were discovered through the process was reiki. If you are looking for alternative medicine for any blockages in your life; meet Melissa Adams. She's a reiki healer who can help in so many different ways. Melissa is a godsend, she's full of wisdom, kindness and has the most gentle soul around. If you want to try reiki out for the first time, 1000th time, 4th time, she should be your gal. You can reach her here: 403-540-2192 msmelissajadams@gmail.com We swear that she knows what she is doing and can help you shift something in your life if that is what you are looking for.

Well, here comes the big news in the middle of the newsletter. Ha! I am moving to Victoria in September. Life has called me out there and I will be going to school to become a psychologist. I will be coming back through town about every three months. I will be booking hair when I come back into town. There will be a sign-up once I have dates booked for a visit. I am interviewing a couple of gals to see if they will sub-contract for me to do your hair. Otherwise, my good friend, Kathy, is the girl I'd refer you all to. She's amazing and actually taught me everything I know about hair. You can find her online here. I know these are huge changes, so please feel free to contact me for more information or booking your last couple of appointments before I leave. I will make sure I am back in December to do some Christmas hair for you beauties before the holidays! The newsletter will have a signup option for you to book your December hair in with me. I am accepting appointments now until September 5th. All that to be said; thank you so much for your lovely time and for allowing me to get to know so many of your lovely souls! This isn't goodbye, merely a 'see you soon.'

Olive is proud to announce that 'Olive's Back Of House' will be up and running on our website in the next couple of weeks. This will provide lots of beauty information, hair tips/tricks, Rae's beauty rants, yoga flows, recipes and so much more. We hope this is a great way of staying connected with the distance of Victoria! If anyone is ever on the island, give me a buzz and I will be sure to get your locks sorted for you. Until next time, later beauties. xx

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